Marketing, PR and Branding services for dance

We help Dance Artists and Organisations connect with audiences

We are a Creative Organisation that rethinks dance as an accessible language for everyone.

We provide tailor-made marketing, PR and branding services to dance. At the same time, we boost the performing arts sector through professional development and networking opportunities such as Stretch.

Let’s Stretch: Building a new community for the dance sector

Stretch, a new community? What does it mean?

The dictionary gives us a hint: “be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking”. But how is it going to be related to the concept of community?

What we do

We’re here to help you improve your marketing strategy.

Watch our video to discover how.

Diagonal Dance have exceeded my expectations. I appreciate having such a productive, hands-on team, who have supported my dance brand. They have worked with me for 4 months and I just love my new brand – I’m moving forward. Thank you. YES!

Tamar Dixon
Unique Tay (Birmingham, UK)

Why work with us

Increase your following

Learn to post effectively and how to engage your audience.

A bespoke marketing strategy

We can help you convey the right message to the right people.

Reach new Audiences

Our expertise will show you how to expand your reach.

Improve your digital marketing

Break through the noise and tell your story, your way, and find your following.

Ways we can help you

diagonal lab

A series of online workshops dedicated to improving your marketing skills as a dance artist


coffee break

A live guests joins us live to discuss, news, trends and some of the challenges that dance is facing right now



We bring a range of exclusive content that add value to the community


Book your 1:1 today

Discover more about our services and discuss your plans with us. We present you with a budget according to your needs.

Meet the team

Ines Carvalho

Co-director, PR Project Manager

Ines advocates contemporary dance in different forms. She strives to create a more accessible language for dance by working as a marketing communications coordinator. As a choreographer, teacher, and performer herself, she is passionate about using the features of dance to create unique communications campaigns.


If the bed is not made every morning, her day will not start properly. For Ines, a perfect day off means crisps with mayo and a good book to read.

[email protected]

Bernardo Queiros, Co-Founder, Business Development and PR

Bernardo Queiros

Co-director, Marketing Project Manager

Bernardo is a creative thinker who always comes out with the boldest ideas. With a background in music, he works in content marketing and social media management. On the other hand, his producing skills make him passionate about supporting live events and project coordination.


He cannot live without two things: music and a bowl of hummus. Always ready for new adventures, you’ll probably catch Bernardo with a backpack around the world or relaxing at the closest brewery. 

[email protected]

Barbara Araujo

Graphic Design and Content Creation Coordinator

Barbara uses her watchful eyes to find (and create) beauty in every trace and shape. Experienced in graphic design in the editorial fields of typography, books and magazines, she is an enthusiast of finding new visual identities for different platforms.


The analogue camera is her best friend. You will always meet Barbara taking photographies outdoors or in the middle of a movie marathon.

[email protected]

You are doing an amazing job, much needed in these uncertain times.

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