More than clients, these are the projects we invest our time and energy to contribute to their success. Get to know each one of them. They’re the heroes in our story.

Bianca Page Smith

PR: Two Can Do Summer Intensive

BOP Jazz Theatre Company

Content Marketing, PR: Jazz Arts ReWIRED

Chisenhale Dance Space

Email Marketing Campaign: Artist Led Community

DancingStrong Movement Lab

Branding, Content Marketing

IRIE! Dance Theatre

Content Marketing

Jean Abreu Dance

Marketing, PR: Deciphers

Kasia Witek

PR: Solastalgia

Kosta Karakashyan

PR: In Your Skin, KITCHEN


CRM Lead, Audience Engagement (Rambert Plus)

unique tay

Branding, Social Media and Email Marketing

Walker Movement Theatre Company

PR: Tread

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