Co-creation opportunities for freelancers in the dance sector

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“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.”

Idowu Koyenikan

Does this quote sound like a cliché? Probably yes, although Koyenikan’s quote perfectly sums up the process of creating Stretch for freelancers, students, recent graduates and all types of professionals in and around the dance sector. You might have read about how we designed this conference and networking event – what you might not know yet, is that the dance community was the driving force behind all the planning and decision-making. 

The dance sector can be a lonely place to navigate. Especially if you’re part of the freelancers workforce, chances are that you struggle to find opportunities for networking, learning new skills, and connecting with fellow creatives. We were feeling that, too. And we knew we were not the only ones. That is why we were willing to share our vision with you from day one. We wanted to hear from the dance community about their wishes for a more sustainable sector, especially regarding professional development opportunities and networking. 

For that reason, as soon as we started framing Stretch, we sent out a survey to the global dance community to ask what kind of initiatives they would like to see in a dance conference and networking event. We have received dozens of responses carefully written with openness and full of bold ideas. Thanks to all these answers and your suggested themes, ideas, dreams, and aims, we built a 2-day event programme filled with panel discussions, workshops, performances, and networking. Stretch has become an event crafted by multiple voices: a co-created movement.

With the survey, we also collected some valuable stats about the dance industry – which reinforce why Stretch is such an important event:

  • Of all respondents, 84% are freelancers
  • Over 25% think the dance sector isn’t unified
  • 40% think there aren’t enough networking opportunities in the dance sector

Through Stretch, we aim to gather students, recent graduates, and professionals to discuss, share, and learn together. Our co-created programme is now available, so you’re welcome to explore what Stretch has in store for you. 

We want to see you around South East London during the Stretch Conference & Showcase event, on the 10th and 11th of March 2023. 

Tickets are now on sale. Shall we Stretch together for more sustainable careers in dance?

Review the programme and buy your ticket via


Written by Bernardo Queiros

Bernardo is a creative thinker who always comes out with the boldest ideas. With a background in music, he works in content marketing and social media management.

Posted January 13, 2023

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