Dance is a Language we all Speak – A Moving Manifesto


Welcome to diagonal.

“How to translate dance into an accessible language for everyone?”
Whether you are a dance artist, a practitioner or simply a huge enthusiast of this art form, this one is for you. My background in the arts has started to awaken me to the role of the audience as part of the creative process. In such a non-verbal art expression, where sometimes it seems difficult to understand the ideas behind the movements, I believe there is an artistic responsibility in making dance more accessible to all by turning the stage and the studio into places of critical thinking, sharing and community spirit. How to engage with a wider audience? How to support a collective voice within the dance community? While I recognise artists should retain the freedom to decide what to share during the creative process, they can recalibrate their attention to their audience. It is important to deeply engage with the public who is trying to pay attention to every movement you create. That is why this manifesto is based on the question: How to translate dance into an accessible language for everyone? Dance and artistic creation will never be static processes and diagonal emerges from the need of supporting the entire movements around contemporary dance in the areas of Promotion and Participation. Everyone deserves to discover the joy of dance – and this multi-platform embraces this mission. Working directly with independent artists, its ethos is placed on the purpose of creating, sharing and delivering dance worldwide – without barriers. Diagonal draws a line across the sector and we want everyone to join this colourful movement filled with creativity. This platform is the common language that dance deserves – from this day onwards. Once again, you are welcome.


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Written by Bernardo Queiros

Bernardo is a creative thinker who always comes out with the boldest ideas. With a background in music, he works in content marketing and social media management.

Posted March 19, 2020

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